Project Toolkit

The Good Practice Plus project gathered examples of good practice from the participants in the project and collated them into a toolkit format to be used as a guide for Criminal Justice Practitioners working with victims of hate crime.

Project Newsletter

Useful Links

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The following sites were identified by participants as useful tools when discussing issues of hate crime, hate speech and xenophobia

Understanding the Harms of Hate:

Great video to better understand transgender: 

A surprising video about violence against women:

UKREN videos project to engage young people around migration, diversity and the impact this has:

for more information visit:

I am Simon:

'Us for Us' - a collective twitter poem!/c1wf7

Racist Crime in Europe produced by European Network Against Racism:

'Dear White Fella: colors of racism' poem by Zephaniah B.

Reporting and Recording

C.O.N.T.A.C.T project:

Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks:

Incidents against the Jewish community: